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Raising funds for non-profits who help homeless, unwanted, and neglected animals as well as organizations who support the human/animal bond!

The Board


Judy LeUnes

Judy LeUnes came to College Station from Frisco, Texas in 1971 to attend Texas A&M University. She is married and has 6 children as well as: 4 rescue dogs - Wienkie, Remy, B, Darth Vader and a cat named Charmin. Judy and her Board of Directors look forward to helping the animals of multiple organizations and will continue her support of helping children learn about the humane treatment of animals and the humane/animal bond through Wienerspiel.

Wesley Johnson

Vice President
Wesley came to College Station from Molton, Texas and graduated from Texas A&M University. Wesley is a Systems Administrator at Blinn College. He is married and the proud father to one adorable girl and a few furbabies. He has worked with homeless and unwanted pets for many years and is very passionate about the mission Wienerspiel has for our community.

Kathie Hitt

Kathie Hitt came to College Station from Orange Grove, Texas in 1986 to attend A&M University. She graduated and moved to Austin for several years, returning to the area in 2009. Kathie is married and has two children as well as one spoiled dog Johnny (named for Johnny football). Kathie owns her own company designing and installing rainwater systems located here in College Station. She is current President of Keep Brazos Beautiful and is very passionate about our community and the plans Wienerspiel has for our community.

Tyra Watts

Tyra Watts came to Bryan/College Station in 2005 to attend Texas A&M University from Giddings and never left. Tyra is a public school teacher, animal lover, and active in the BCS fitness community. Tyra is the proud fur mama to Roper and Kowley. She is very excited about the plans Wienerspiel has for our community, children, and pets!

Arnold LeUnes

Board Member
Arnold LeUnes is a Wienerspiel™ Board member, graduated from Texas A&M University and the University of North Texas, served as an officer for three years in the US Army, taught Abnormal and Sport Psychology for fifty-three years at Texas A&M University, is a long-time supporter of human and animal rights, a “parent” to five rescue animals, and a twelve-year observer and supporter of dachshund races in the local community.

Kayla Titus

Board Member
Kayla Titus is originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and moved to College Station, Texas in 2010 to attend college. She is a pet parent to two dogs, Goober and Bolt, and a cat named Batman. She and Goober have participated in almost two dozen combined wanna-be weiner races and costume contests throughout Texas.

Shandra Conley

Board Member
Shandra Conley is originally from Copperas Cove, Texas and came to College Station to attend Texas A&M University. She is currently studying Wildlife and Fisheries Science in hopes to later advance her studies at A&M’s Veterinarian School. She is a pet parent of two rescued cats, Chocolate and Callie, and a dog named Sydney.

Wienerspiel™ Mascot

Our mascot name is yet to be determined, but will be decided on through our upcoming
Wienerspiel™ Mascot Naming Contest!