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Welcome to our Wienerspiel website! This is where you will learn about the excitement that our Board of Directors has for helping homeless, neglected, and unwanted animals. Throughout the year, we hold fundraisers and educational opportunities to help the community learn about how we are helping non-profits help these animals in need and greatly support the human/animal bond.

As a second part of our mission, we also have the goal to teach empathy to children though setting up “Humane Libraries” in local city libraries and schools. Through these “humane libraries” we have carefully selected books that teach children about the proper care of animals as well as learning from the animal’s stories about how they need love, care, and acceptance through responsible pet ownership. Through this part of our mission, we also visit schools with our pets or our mascot to help children learn the wonderful importance of animals in our lives.

Check back frequently to learn about our upcoming events!

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